The Specials



As a development business we couldn’t hang on to these any more and felt it was time to pass on something a bit special to the masses. With the single hookbait market saturated and with us being constantly asked by our loyal customers to produce a stand alone hookbait, although we already have matching hook baits to compliment our successful bait ranges, we felt we could more than compete with the masses on stand alone hookers…

As some will know when it comes to carp there is certain times of the year or seasons when they will search out more aggressively for individual requirements, what we are creating here is seriously boosted requirements suited to certain seasons and times of the year, as always backed up with a good localised pH shift and a more than acceptable taste. While all of these hook baits will catch at any time of the year, they will perform at there peak when used at the properly suited time of the year. Water temperature will also come into play with these baits and by matching the right hookbait to the best time to use it in the right temperature frame will be a massive edge in your single hookbait fishing.

The Specials
Pop Ups / Wafters / Bottom Baits; £6.00


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